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It's more than a system for accurate laboratory measurements and controlling temperature and humidity in all phases of drug production and distribution...

What is Pharmalogger?

Pharmalogger is a system for accurate laboratory measurements and controlling temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical industry. It ensures automatic, reliable and continuous monitoring of environmental conditions in all phases of drug production and distribution.

How we made it?

Pharmalogger was created by accident, as a result of a discussion between our engineer and the head of quality control of our long-time partner, an international pharmaceutical company with whom we have successfully collaborated for many years in the field of high security systems. They informed us of the need for additional control and safety in the process of developing and producing their drugs, and entrusted us with the development of this product for them.

Who needs Pharmalogger?

For the purpose of temperature and humidity monitoring, Pharmalogger can be used by all those involved in the drug production and sales process: pharmaceutical companies (drug manufacturers), wholesalers, drug distributors, and pharmacies that sell the drug to end users. The aim of Pharmalogger is to seal the cold chain of drug distribution from production to the final sale, and thus ensure confidence in the product on the part of the producer, distributer and end customer.

GMP & GDP regulations

Pharmalogger complies with all the relevant regulations regarding temperature and humidity stability during drug production and distribution which have been published by the European Commission and the World Health Organisation. In addition, Pharmalogger is an excellent tool for mapping the areas where drugs are kept, as required by GMP and GDP regulations. Our high-precision sensors have proven to be an ideal solution for strict monitoring of environmental conditions, which is necessary for a detailed analysis of the area. Mapping is followed by the validation and qualification of the system with indispensable IQ, OQ and PQ tests, all part of the PHARMALOGGER system.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

"Controlled temperature storage areas should be equipped with temperature recorders. Control should be adequate to maintain all parts of the area within the specified temperature range"
Cold Chain Distribution For Pharmaceuticals, Cheryl Blake


Our PHARMA LAB probes are unique and belong to the modern high digital technology generation. We were particularly attentive concerning the quality of their casing, which is made of anodised aluminium to ensure the highest possible thermal conductivity. However, not only are our probes unique, but they are also innovative thanks to the CMOSens technology with high-precision Sensirion Chip, which enables particularly high speed measurements of temperature and humidity.


We are also particularly proud of our PHARMA SOFTWARE, which gives the user a number of features, including graphical and textual displays of measurement results, access via internet or mobile phone, and automatic back up with a data archive of at least 5 years. Software is used to take care of the safety of the whole system 24 hours a day.


Our PHARMA CONTROLER was developed in such a way that it can be connected to a LAN computer network, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It can operate up to 72 hours without electricity with a total of 18,000 measurements. In addition, it has a large internal memory that can store up to 408,000 measurements. We have done all this to provide our clients with maximum confidence and security in monitoring their drugs under all conditions, even unforeseeable ones. We are very satisfied, because our product gives the client at least 300,000 measurements a month.

About us

We started our business in 2003 in a modest way with a few enthusiasts, continuously communicating with our clients and actively listening to their needs. We only needed small pieces of information to start our research. Thanks to our partners, we have come up with innovative ideas and positioned ourselves as support in the field of simple and integrated IT solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. This has also resulted in several innovation awards. But for us, the biggest reward is still successful collaboration with our clients. We do not regard Pharmalogger as just our product. It was created for our first pharmaceutical partner, but also for all present and future ones.


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